About Us

Three Five Materials (III-V Materials) is a major supplier of optoelectronic semiconductor materials (chips and wafers for LED and Laser diode).

With its establishment in 1996, III-V Materials has a long-standing history of excellence and attention to detail. We recognize the importance of product offerings which are both easy to understand and customizable. Our team of engineers can offer flexibility and support during design phases to cater completely the customer's requirements. The rapid expansion of LED technology has enabled III-V Materials to expand its product lines from LED and laser epi materials to raw dice and packaged lamps for use in general electronics, telecommunications, and medical sensors. The services provided by III-V Materials are tailored to meet the needs of the customer.

We service all industries including medical, military, traffic, and automotive, to which our clients have praised our quality control. III-V Materials strives to provide competitive pricing while maintaining the high standards of quality. With our long-lasting relationships with customers and experience in the field, we consider customer satisfaction highly.

III-V Materials maintains its excellent reputation as an optoelectronic semiconductor component supplier and will continue to grow with a keen sense of workmanship and pride in the quality of our products.