III-V Material’s main sales office located in New York City maintains its network of distributors and sales representatives throughout North America and Europe. All of our sales representatives have extensive knowledge in the semiconductor field and will be able to assist you with your needs.

Quality Control

Our factory is ISO 9001-2000 qualified and we follow the strictest quality procedure to assure that the products leave our factory is defective free. We are currently working towards to achieving the 6-sigma QC policy.


The III-V factory is currently located in China. The factory has over 6000 square meters of production floor and employs over 400 workers.

Research and Design

Research and development has been an area where III-V Materials focuses its growth and measures their achievements. Working in the past with previous customers, III-V has successfully introduced a color sensor that can achieve the complete Pantone color chart utilizing a color combination of RGB LED. Now III-V is in the process of introducing new products that utilize LED to detect medical illnesses and photodynamic treatment for skin diseases.


Combining our knowledge and experience, III-V Materials offers its customers complete assemblies, consisting of: optoelectronic components, PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), FPCs (Flexible Printed Circuit), cables, mechanical parts, and plastic moldings. We are able to provide devices that are completely tested, packed, and prepared according to customer requirements.